Tianna Logan and the Salem Academy for Witchcraft

Buy your copy TODAY! After her parents are killed, Tianna Logan is left in the care of her grandmother. She is to attend the Salem Academy for Witchcraft. While at the School, Tianna makes many new friends…and stumbles into adventure at every turn. With the help of her friends, Tianna learns a little more about the night her parents died, and a book is discovered, hidden in a room at the Academy. Tianna is stunned to discover that the book belongs to her. Tianna and her friends soon uncover a plot to attack the school. Now, their skills will be put to the test to ensure the future of the Salem Academy for Witchcraft.

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Victory Junction Gang Camp

The author of this book has pledged ten percent of the royalties generated by the sales of his book to Kyle Petty's Victory Junction Gang Camp. This camp has touched the lives of more than 10,000 children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses and their families and he is proud to offer his support to the camp.

Tami Brady, TCM Reviews says:

Get ready for a brand new magical adventure. Tianna Logan has learned her lessons well. She knows all about Salem’s history and is adept at conjuring. Yet, I think with the help of her friends, Tianna is going to get quite an education at Salem Academy of Witchcraft.

It is very easy to compare Tianna Logan and the Salem Academy for Witchcraft to the popular Harry Potter series. At first, anyways. The secret hideaway for witches, the school, potions classes, etc. Yet, I found this book a bit more tied to the history of Salem and witchcraft which I found quite interesting.

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Not everyone is so accepting of witchcraft. "Tianna Logan and the Salem Academy for Witchcraft" tells the story of Tianna Logan, an orphaned girl who finds herself shipped off to a school of witchcraft. Soon finding there are those out to spoil the school and ruin it, she finds that her early days are not going to be the simplest ones. "Tianna Logan" is a fun read of fantasy, sure to appeal to young readers.

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Bookviews by Alan Caruba
(Charter member of the National Book Critics Circle)

Any lover of fantasy of any age will thoroughly enjoy this story where adventure exists around every turn. The story is filled with wonderful twists and turns that are sure to delight any young person who has read through all the Harry Potter novels and is yearning for more spooky stuff.

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Beverly Hash
an elementary school teacher says:

I found the story of Tianna Logan to be interesting and fun. It is a story that tweens will enjoy. Told along the genre of Harry Potter, it is a little more reader friendly for the younger readers and still maintains interest for others. I would reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy and a good story.

Move over Harry Potter, who needs Hogwarts,

America has its own school for young Witches and Wizards, the Salem Academy for Witchcraft. Inside the sleepy little town of Salem Massachusetts, there's a certain alley where the end is really a gateway to another world, a magical realm full of mystical creatures and beings of all descriptions. Inside this magical world is the best school for witches and wizards in america. Some consider it to be the best school for witchcraft and wizardry in the entire world. They teach the young witches and wizards how to master their budding magical abilities and get control of the accidental magic that's happening to them anyway.
(Is it Fiction or Fact?)

That's the big question isn't it? Is this story simply a tall tale, a figment of the author's somewhat overactive imagination, or is it a true story that's only being presented as a fictional account? If it is just an imaginative Yarn, then there sure is a lot of Historical Fact mixed in, from the Salem Witch Trials and Hunts to the Pilgrams and Thanksgiving. On the other hand, if it is a true story, then it would tend to explain a lot of the obvious holes in the so-called "TRUE" Historical accounts. There are actually two separate bodies of evidence and they do seem to pointing toward opposite answers.

But before you can choose which view to support, you must decide whether you believe that magic and witchcraft really exist, or that only the world you perceive is the real or tangible one. The existence of MAGIC would sure fill in a lot of gaps in our view of the natural universe.

Are you that SURE that Witchcraft isn't REAL?
Is your TRUTH unquestionable?
Is magic really impossible?
Are you SURE?

Similarities between this book and the Harry Potter series

Both center around a school for young witches and wizards that teaches them to master their magical abilities. Both of the schools try to instill in their students a moral attitude, a sense of right and wrong in the use of their powers. The students of both schools live at the school and go home for the summer. Both stories have fire-breathing dragons.

Differences between this book and the Harry Potter series

One of the main differences is the main character is an American girl instead of an English boy. Another major difference is that in the Harry Potter stories, most of it takes place in the real world, just hidden from the non-magical people where as in this story, most of it takes place in the magical realm, a world just that exists just below, or a step above, right next to our plane of existence. The books about Tianna Logan are all going to be separate, stand alone books even though they do take place in a linear procession. The Harry Potter series is really just one long book divided into seven sections that must be read from start to finish to make any sense.

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