“It’s enormous!” Tianna commented. As they neared it, she found that she could see many different varieties of plant life, even a few small fruit and palm trees. "It looks like a jungle in there,” she remarked.

“It is kinda like one, there are plenty of insects, a bunch of bees for the pollination, even some small birds that come in through the vents up in the peaks of the roof. It’s very alive in there, there’s even fish, frogs, turtles and such, living in the brooks and ponds," Dru said, opening the door.

“Brooks and ponds?!” Tianna was astonished.

“Yeah, it’s very realistic in there, just like a little rain forest,” Dru explained.

When they first entered, Tianna thought it smelled and felt like walking into a real tropical rain forest. The air was hot and moist, quite a contrast with the air outside, on the last week of November, nearly winter, in Massachusetts.

There was actually water everywhere, it wasn‘t just the brooks and ponds, it was dripping from every surface, almost like a constant rain. The lush greenery was thick with blooms, filling the air with an almost heady fragrance.

The whole inside was laced with wooden walkways, complete with little arched bridges over the babbling brooks. They were standing on one of those bridges looking down at the water, checking out the brightly colored tropical fish swimming around lazily. There was a fat frog resting on a lily pad, it’s whip-like tongue shot out and snared a bug as the girls watched.

"This place is incredible, if I would've known it was here, I'd have been coming long before now."

"Shhhhh! Something's not right here."

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