As everyone left for home the next morning, the first real snow was just beginning to fall, by lunch time nearly a foot had fallen, covering everything, and it was still piling up. By the time it ended two days later, on Christmas Eve, the snow was a little over three feet deep, making sure that the Academy was going to have a very white Christmas.

Most of the younger students headed outside to the court yard to build snow men and women, animals, even a gigantic snow castle complete with towers, a working draw bridge and little soldiers on the outer walls. Now these snow sculptures weren't like the ones the nomag children built out of snow, these were enchanted, animated, several of the snow people had even gotten together and were singing Christmas carols. There were a few snow bunnies hopping around and even a snow deer frolicking all about the yard.

The Great Hall was being decorated by some of the teachers, and a couple of the older students that were trying to get some extra credit in their final year. There were at least a dozen trees being trimmed with all sorts of magical balls and figurines, even the trees themselves had been enchanted, they were dancing and twisting, but at least they did seem to stay in one spot anyway.

There was also a magical snow falling inside the Hall, it looked real, but just before it touched anything, it vanished, even if you tried to catch a flake, it would disappear before it could reach your hand.

Someone had even created a miniature Santa complete with his sleigh and reindeer, and they were flying all around the Great Hall with Santa waving to everyone, yelling "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!"

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