"I want to greet all of our returning students." she was saying. "I'm glad to see each and every one of you back this year. For those of you that are new this year, my name is Natashe Henze, I am the Headmistress and I hope that you enjoy your experience here at the Salem Academy of Witchcraft & Wizardry. We have so very much to offer you and all you really have to do is Listen, Study, and Practice, we'll do the rest. All of the students that were here last year are expected to make sure that the new students in your dorms understand our rules and regulations, take them under your wing as it were. For all you new students, we don't have that many rules to follow, but we are serious about you following the few that we do have. If you have any questions, ask someone, please. They won't mind, they better not anyway, they were new once too." she paused for a moment, and then continued. "I want you all to sit up straight, hands in your lap, now let’s have a moment of quiet remembrance for the Thirteen who gave us this haven in which to train our young. Enjoy your meal everyone."

In front of each student a cloud appeared over the table, thickening for a moment then dissipating, leaving behind a large cup filled with something that tasted more like wine than juice, but without the alcohol. A bowl of a thick stew consisting of a bird meat and several vegetables. There was also a hunk of cheese and a large roll, and it all smelled great. When Tianna looked questioningly at Melinda she smiled. "What do you think? I didn't say anything earlier because I wanted it to be a surprise. It was too," Melinda laughed then said, "I wish you could've seen your face!"

"Do they cook any of the food we eat?" Tianna asked.

"No, the breakfast and lunch meals are conjured up too, they just serve them cafeteria style. For dinner they like to put on a show." she explained, then added. "Ye sure do keep forgetting where we’re at girl, they're not going to waste time cooking when they don't ‘ave to. Most witches that cook, do it as a hobby or to disguise what they are, and in ‘ere you don't need to pretend that you're not a witch."

Tianna didn't realize just how hungry she was until the aroma of the food began to work on her appetite. After taking a few bites she remarked. "It sure tastes good."

"It'd better," Melinda answered, pointing to the end of the tables where the teachers now sat eating their dinner. "The Sisters are eating the same thing, if it wasn't up to par, I wouldn't want to be the one responsible."


“That's what they call themselves, all except Serpenter Draconus that is, they call ‘im brother Draconus." Melinda appeared thoughtful for a moment before adding, "Personally, I think they kinda stole that from the Nuns, but I wouldn't tell them that."

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