Well, that brings us to you Tianna, what do you do?"

"My mother was teaching me things that she thought I may need to protect myself, one of the first things was the transmutation I just showed Dru, and as I said a minute ago the shape shifting." Suddenly there was this bright flash and then there was a very large, very black cat standing where Tianna was only a moment ago.

Most of them took a step back; Crystal had jumped back into the tree that she came out of earlier, Melinda just clapped her hands gleefully and said, "Oh you are good at that, great, I knew you'd be a wonderful addition to the group."

There was another flash and Tianna was back with them. "You can come down now Crystal. I really wouldn't hurt you, besides, you of all people shouldn't be afraid of a cat."

"I'm not, you just startled me," she defended herself as she floated back down out of the tree.

"I can also move things," Tianna said.

"Like what?" Dru asked.

"Mostly anything." Tianna lifted her arms like she was picking something up. Slowly Talitha and all of her animal friends began to float up above the ground a couple of feet, then back down as Tianna lowered her arms.

"Is that all of your tricks or do you have more up your sleeve?" Crystal asked.

Tianna looked a little sheepish, "Just one more, I promise."

"Well, do we have to guess?" Melinda asked, poking fun at her.

"No, just about every place I go, especially if I think I may need to return, I memorize points, after that, I can return instantly."

"You can teleport too? Show us," Melinda challenged.

"What do you want from your room?"

"You memorized a point in our room?" Dru asked.

"While I was waiting for Melinda to get out of the bathroom that first day."

"Why did you think you would need to memorize a point in our room?" Melinda wanted to know.

"No reason, it's really more of a reflex now than a conscious thought. There doesn't seem to be a limit to the number of points that I can store either."

"There's a red purse hanging on the corner of my bed." Melinda said.

Suddenly Tianna vanished and seconds later reappeared standing exactly in the same spot. She held out the red purse, "This one?"

Melinda took the purse. "Well I'll be... "

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