When Tianna walked in the room, Hazel was digging through her trunk, setting some of her things out on the floor as she moved the rest around.

“Lose something?” Tianna asked her roommate.

“No… I found something.” Hazel answered pointing to a jar on the desk. “It’s an old candle that I found in a box of stuff that someone was throwing out and I was looking for a match to light it with. Take the lid off and smell it.”

Tianna picked it up and twisted the cap off. “Mmmmm…apples.”

“Yeah, my mom had one like that a long time ago, they smell just like a apple pie baking in the oven.” Hazel told her.

Tianna lifted the candle closer as if to get a better whiff of the sweet aroma, but instead, she began to gently blow on it. For a moment nothing seemed to happen, then there was the tiniest little spark, and another. A curl of smoke drifted up from the wick just before a bud of flame fluttered with the last of her breath then steadied and began to brighten.

“Where’d you learn to do that?” Hazel asked as Tianna set the lit candle back down on the desk.

“That’s just a little something my mom taught me.” She answered with a smile, then suddenly her face seemed lose all expression, and she added sadly. “I sure do miss her.”

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