The next day, Bevil and Tianna were in the courtyard eating lunch when they spied Dalbert harassing a first year student. Bevil took out his wand and gave it a flick, causing a dark menacing looking cloud to form above and a little behind the bully. A small lightning bolt shot out of the cloud and hit Dalbert in the butt. Suddenly he was no longer interested in bullying the smaller kid, but protecting his posterior as bolt after bolt continued to strike.

Dalbert took off running right out of the front gate and across the field with the offending cloud following dutifully behind, continuously zapping him.

Tianna looked over at Bevil and asked with a grin. “Just how long is that cloud going to follow him?”

“Only until he goes inside.” He replied with an answering grin.

“But… he’s not headed for a building…” Tianna pointed out.

Bevil chuckled. “No…he is not.”

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