The end of Dalbert's wand began to sputter, the restrained magic ready to burst out. Finally it exploded from the end of his wand, covered about half of the distance between him and Tianna then reversed itself, retracing it’s path straight back, hitting him square in the center of his chest. Caught in the spell's energy he began to shimmer and shrink, going down on all fours as he got smaller and smaller, sprouting a tail and whiskers just before the glow dissipated and Dalbert’s wand, that had been held aloft by the force of the powerful spell, tumbled onto the grass.

Tianna hurried over while Dalbert was still stunned from getting hit with his own spell, the rest following close behind, she grabbed the rat that he had become by its hairless tail and hoisted him up to eye level.

"Dalbert, I must say, this look fits you much better. I don't know what kind of spell you were using, so I don't know how long you'll be stuck this way, if we're real lucky, It'll be permanent.”

Dalbert acted as if he were going to bite her so she so she shook him hard by the tail until he quit wiggling. "Listen up Bud, if you ever try anything, against me or my friends, I am going to make sure it's the last thing you ever get a chance to do to anyone! You see…, I've learned this little spell, it uses black magic, and it's got your name written all over it. This spell will erase your pitiful little lifeforce from the universe, you will not only cease to exist, you will have never existed. Your mother will not even remember giving birth to you, in fact…, the only person in the entire universe that will remember you at all will be me, and I wouldn't count on that happening very often either. In other words Dalbert, you have flat run out of chances, I'm serious, you try one more thing, and you will be no more.

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