As everybody comes through for the first time, they find that as soon as they step into that light and glimpse the Crystal Caverns they are simply awestruck. It's really hard to even imagine, let alone actually describe the beauty you see in that first instant, harder yet to believe that there could possibly be that much beauty in one place, words plainly are unable do it justice.

The walls, floors, ceiling, the entire main room is made of quartz crystal, clear and smooth as glass. Webbed all through the quartz were veins of pure gold, many have speculated that the magical power in the caverns, is caught and held by this gold webbing.

The moment a witch or wizard steps into this room, they can feel the awesome power that is being held in check here. Once you experience it, inside the caven proper, itís existence is no longer a debateable question. When all that energy is suddenly resonating throughout your entire body, it's a tangible force that cannot be denied.

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