In my travels, I sometimes didnít have a lot of money, many times I actually had none. One of those times was the few weeks I spent exploring Salem Massachusetts. I kept a small tent in my backpack and I was hiking up in the woods outside of town to find a quiet spot to bed down for the night. I generally looked for a clearing so that I had a unobstructed view of the sky, once you get far enough away from the city lights the stars are really beautiful and I loved going to sleep under a thick blanket of them. I found a clearing, but I also found something else that I didnít expect, what was left of a very old cabin.

It wasnít much, the outer walls were pretty much intact as well as the stone fireplace and chimmney but most of the roof and the inner walls had given up with the passage of time. There was only one room that remained in decent shape probably owing to the fact that it was under the section of roof that had held up the best. Judging from the small bed and desk I figured that it must have belonged to a child. The bed looked like it wouldíve collapsed under my weight but the floor under it looked to be the most solid floor in the ancient cabin so I slid the bed out of the way and unrolled my sleeping bag in its place.

The light was dwindling fast so I decided to climb in and call it a night. I woke up shortly after sunrise the next morning and was rolling my sleeping bag back up when I noticed a loose board next to the wall. Curious, I pushed down on one end which caused the other to pop up revealing an old, string bound book. After getting it out from under the floor board and taking a closer look, I found that it was a diary containing 2 Ĺ years worth of notations written by a young girl in the sixteen hundreds. It started when she was nine and ended abruptly shortly before she turned twelve.

Time had taken its toll on the ink leaving much of the diary just barely legible. Most of the passages were what youíd expect from a nine or ten year old girl, but the last few months told an incredible tale. Iíve tried to copy it down in here so that others may follow along as she spills her heart out into the pages of this very personal account.

Iíll admit that I had to make some guesses here and there because of the faded ink, and I also got rid of all the antiquated English like thee and thou to make it easier to read for the young people of today, but I believe that most of it stayed true to what she wrote. I want to state up front that any mistakes I might have made were not intentional and ask the girlís forgiveness for them.

This is the property of Ann Good.

April 12
I know itís been over three weeks since I last wrote to you. Iím sorry but it has been a full three weeks. Mother explained why all the strange stuff has been happening to me. I thought I was in trouble for sure when she had me sit down at the table for a talk, kitchen table talks are usually bad. Then she floored me, just blurted it right out, told me that she is a witch and that now she is sure that I am going to be one too. What do you say to something like that, what can you possibly say to that. Mother said that she felt she had to go ahead and tell me cause I need to be real careful and not let anybody find out about us. She said that bad things might happen if somebody was to find out what we are. For the last two weeks Mother has been trying to teach me how to keep from having anymore accidents. We have been working real hard, I donít know if I will ever learn this stuff or not.

April 15
I did it. I made the feather float right up off of the table, held it there too. It was so easy, I donít know how it took me this long to do it. Iím so happy. Mother said that sheís going to show me something new tomorrow but would not tell me what.

April 17
The something new was making food, I always thought my mother would teach me how to cook but this is much better. This was so much easier to learn than the levitation too, all I have to do is picture the food I want real clear and when I open my eyes, there it is.

April 20
We went to see auntie Zelda today. She seemed really upset about something, her and Mother spent most of the time in the kitchen whispering. On the way home I tried to ask mother what it was all about but all she would say was that it wasnít anything to worry about. Somehow that seemed to make me worry about it even more.

April 21
I about got caught today. My friend Abby said sheíd really like a piece of chocolate so I opened my hand and gave her a piece then I made me a piece in my other hand but I forgot to put my hand in my pocket first so I could pretend got it from there. Luckily Abby didnít notice, Iíve got to be more careful from now on.

April 25
I finally told Mother about my mistake with Abby, the candy and forgetting to put my hand in my pocket. She was not mad but warned me to be extra careful from now on, said it would be real bad if someone found out what we are.

April 28
Sorry my writing is a little squiggly today but writing like this is new, I just learned how to do it yesterday. Magic can be great. I'm now writing this without touching the quill. I am just using my mind and my finger to direct the quill to dip itself in the ink and then write by itself. Wow! But itís going to take a lot of practice to get good at this.

May 1
Mother took me flying on her broom tonight tonight. It's wonderful. She said that she is going to start teaching me how to do it for myself, I can't wait. I can't imagine anything more fun than flying through the night sky. It was so great! I asked her about flying in the daytime so we could see more. When she anawered me I felt so dumb, we canít ever go flying in the daylight because we would be seen, that was a dumb question.

May 5
Well I did it. I went up a little shaky and come down really hard, but I made the broom fly on my own. Iím tired, and sore, going to bed early.

May 7
Father came by tonight, I thought he was coming to see me but all he did was take Mother out back and talk to her. He seemed nervous and really worried, like aunt Zelda was. I know something is going on but nobody will tell me what it is.

May 10
Today I started learning how to transmutate stuff. Itís kinda like when we make the food except I first got to make something disappear, then reappear as something else.

May 14
We went flying again tonight. I did much better this time. I still got real tired but at least Iím not so much sore as I was last time.

May 17
Mrs. Osborne and her slave friend Tituba come by for a visit. It seems that everybody that comes here of late spends a lot of time whispering to Mother but when ask them about it they just shrug their shoulders and tell me not to worry.

May 19
Today Mother started showing me how to brew potions in a cauldron. I get the feeling that she is trying to teach me all this stuff a lot faster than she had planned to, as if sheís rushing it, trying to make sure I learn it before something happens, but what?

May 23
The last two nights have been dark, moonless and cloudy. Weíve been working on my flying skills, mother says that Iím a natural. Out of all the magical things I have been learning, flying is definitely the one that I love the most. Iím jealous of the birds, they get to fly everywhere they go, day and night.

May 26
Father came by again tonight, him and Mother went out back and had a yelling match. This time, when he left he took Sis with him, said that it was too dangerous to let Dorothy stay with us. He said that she would be safer with him, he must be talking about the magic, but I donít understand how itíd be dangerous to Sis.

May 31
I wish brewing potions was as easy as flying, At least it comes with a recipe book, but it really needs instructions too. Mother showed me where she keeps the book hidden at. The book also has all of her important spells in it too.

June 3
Motherís pregnant again. I noticed her getting sick a lot, mostly in the mornings. I asked her about it this morning after she seemed to get better and she admitted it. She said that Father doesnít know yet and made me promise not to spill the beans when I see him. I guess she wants it to be a surprise.

June 5
It seems that lately, when me and mother walk through the village that people are paying way too much attention to us. Maybe itís just my imagination but Iím seeing people peaking around corners or out of windows and doorways and if they are with someone they suddenly begin to whisper. I thought about asking Mother about it but sheíd probably just laugh and tell me that itís not really happening, that itís all in my head. I donít know, maybe it is.

June 8
I learned a neat trick today. I can light candles and start kindling burning just by thinking a simple spell and blowing on it gently. That could really come in handy.

June 11
More of Motherís friends came over today, I think they are all witches like us. I was supposed to stay out back and I did, but I tried to spy on them too. They were mostly whispering so I couldnít hear very much but Iím sure they were warning her about something just from their expressions and the gesturing motions they were making as they talked.

June 15
The last few days Iíve been trying to learn to do several things at once. Iím finally starting to get the hang of it. Today I had a spoon stirring in a kettle, a broom sweeping the floor, a feather duster dusting the furniture and a stick beating out a rug out back, all at the same time. Thatís a whole new level of concentration.

June 19
Now I know something is up. Abby is no longer allowed to play or even talk with me. She wouldnít give me a reason execept her mother ordered it. Abby told me that she wasnít given a reason but I donít believe it, I think that sheís just being polite. I donít think that she wants to tell me the reason she was told.

June 22
Now Iím learning how to weave a protection spell around me. Mother finally admitted that something was going on, but she wonít tell me what it is though. She made me promise that if anything ever happened to her that I was to grab the spell book leave town and never come back. She said that sheíd make sure that nobody would remember me so they wouldnít come looking. Now Iím scared.

June 26
Mother told me today not to leave the house again until she told me it was safe. She said that she was going to start weaving the spells that would make everyone forget that I exist, then she made me promise again to leave if anything happened to her. She also told me where to go and who to see when I got there. This all seems like a bad dream, I wish Iíd wake up.

June 29
Sarah Osborne was locked up in the jail today, sheís charged with being a witch. I guess this was what everyoneís been worried about. Mother says that theyíll probably let her go in a few days because they canít really prove anything. Now I really am scared witless.

July 2
Mother got in to talk to Sarah Osborne today, she donít think that theyíll do anything to her either. Iím not so sure, Iíve got a real bad feeling about this, a really bad feeling.

July 5
This bad dream is becoming a nightmare. Tituba, the black woman that belongs to Samuel Parris, just got thrown in jail today. Sheís charged with being a witch too. Mother says that proves they are just guessing because Tituba is not a witch. The thing is: sheís locked up just as tight even if sheís not.

July 8
Samuel Parris told the authorities that he could get the truth out of his slave. So they locked her up in the stockade outside the jail and stripped her clothes off and Mr. Parris whipped her with a bull whip until she confessed. She not only confessed to being a witch which sheís not, but mother said that she heard that Tituba actually gave them a bunch of names and told them that they were all witches too.

July 12
What am I to do? They come and got Mother today, it seems that she was one of the ones that Tituba named. I know what Mother told me to do, but I canít just leave her here, Iíve got to find a way to get her out. Maybe I can find a way to talk to her at least.

I finally got to speak to Mother tonight, through a small back window, but all she would tell me was to leave like I was supposed to. She said that sheíd done everything she could to protect me and that all that was left to do was run, as fast and as far as I could, then she turned her back on me and wouldnít say anything else.

July 18
They held a trial for all three of them today. I overheard two men talking about it, they said that Father even testified against her, said her little beauty mark was the mark of the devil, I know him and Mother have been having problems but I canít believe he actully did that. Iíve got to find a way to get her out of there.

July 19, 1692
Mother is dead. They dragged all three of them up to Gallows Hill today and hanged them. Theyíre still hanging there. Iíve got a bag packed with a few clothes and Motherís spell book, Iím leaving tonight. I hope Iím not too late. Iím going to leave this diary here in itís hiding place, it wouldnít be good if they caught it on me. I just hope Motherís forgetfulness spell really worked. I should have left when she wanted me too. Maybe one day I can come back for this diary, if I live long enough.

That was the last entry. Sarah Good was executed on that day. History says that she was homeless and only one four year old child, and it also states that she spent the last five months of her life locked up in jail. I canít help but believe that somehow the historical record may not be entirely correct, or possibly it may be an outright fabrication. Youíll have to judge for yourself but I do believe that this diary was in fact written by Sarah Goodís daughter and that someone changed the records for reasons that will most likely always remain unknown, or just maybe it was because of a certain spell a witch cast to protect her daughter. Youíll have to decide for yourself.

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