What do you refer to yourself as?

Me…Ahhhh…You’re not laughing…That was a joke you know. Oh well, I assume you mean whether I call myself a Witch or Wizard.

Or Warlock.

If you offend me like that again this is going to be a very short interview.

I…I didn’t mean to offend…How…?

The definition of the term Warlock is Oath breaker, it is used only when referring to a witch or wizard that has went over to the dark arts.

Then do you consider yourself a witch or a wizard?

Although there’s really no difference between a male witch and a wizard I confess that I do think of myself as a wizard.

Did you decide to become a wizard?

No one decides…you either are…or are not. If you are, then the first trick is actually realizing it.

You mean that some don’t?

Absolutely. There are many…many witches and wizards that really don’t have a clue.

But how…?

Well it depends on just what powers are manifesting themselves. Some things are easier to explain logically than others.

When did you realize that you were a wizard?

I was eight.

What happened? I mean how did you find out?

When I was younger…I was kinda short. I was watching a parade…or at least I was trying to. I couldn’t get down front and it seemed that everyone that did was considerably taller. I kept moving around trying to find a hole to see through when I suddenly found something to step up on. After a few moments I decided to see what it was that I was standing on and that’s when I saw that there was nothing there, I was levitating above the curb.

What’d you do?

Well naturally I was startled, so much so that I came down hard, and crooked, I actually twisted my ankle…ended up in the hospital emergency room. I’m glad nobody saw what really happened to me, I told’em that my foot slipped off of the curb.

So that’s when you discovered that you were a wizard?

Well…that was the beginning. I didn’t know at that point what I was exactly, but that was when I began to realize that I wasn’t normal…normal kids need something to stand on.

Did you begin to experience other things as well?

All witches and wizards start out in a phase that is called Wishcraft. If you want something bad enough, sometimes you get it. I remember another time at home, eating dinner, I took a drink of my tea using a straw and I thought how good it would be to have a chocolate milk shake. The very next sip through the straw turned out to be the shake that I’d just wished for. Luckily they couldn’t see through the plastic tumbler so my family couldn’t tell what’d happened.

Why did you have to hide it from your family? Weren’t they…magical…as well?

At the time…I didn’t even know exactly what I was…and…I’d never seen any of them do the things that was happening to me.

Well, did you manage to hide it from them?

I…, thought I did…but somewhere along the line my dad realized what was happening and when I was ten he sat me down and explained about magic and wishcraft.

So your dad was a wizard.

Yeah…Later on…in my teenage years I found out that I actually had several more witches and wizards in my family but they were all on my dad’s side. My mother’s side was totally non-magical, or as most of us call them now, Nomags.

Did you ever go to a school?

You mean like Hogwarts…or the Salem Academy for Witchcraft?


I wish there were schools like that, or if they do exist, that I’d have gotten to go to one, they sound like they’d be a blast. No…at least if there is such a thing, I’ve never heard of one. Most of the things that I do…I learned on my own.

Didn’t your dad teach you?

I can see that you’ve got a basic misunderstanding about wizards and witches, or rather magic in general.

What is it that I don’t understand?

Well, you seem to be under the same misconception about magic as most of the Nomags are. While there are a few wizards and witches that can do many different types of magic, most are extremely limited…specialized might be a better way to describe it. In other words, most of us are able to do several different types of magic, but only one or two really well. On the other hand, many can only do one thing and a lot of those don’t even realize that they are witches and wizards, they think that they are just really good at something.

Do you know many of those?

Many of the ones in my family fall into that category.

Your father?

No…he was really good at several types of magic, he knew exactly what we were, that’s how he recognized what was happening to me. His father, my grandfather could only do one thing, but he did it very well, and he didn’t even believe in magic.

What did he do?

He was what I call a one-way telepath. He couldn’t hear thoughts, he just projected his thoughts into the minds of others. To put it simply, he changed people’s minds, made them think what he wanted them to think. He used his powers to get people to vote for the candidate he was campaigning for. He never run for a political office himself but every candidate he supported just happened to be the one that got elected, which needless to say, made him a very popular campaign officer. But even with such a perfect record, he always believed that it was simply his superb powers of persuasion that changed all of those minds, he never had a clue that he was really a wizard.

And you say that there were many like him in your family?

They were alike in the fact that they didn’t know they were witches or wizards yes, but no two of them had the same powers. I had a great grandfather that couldn’t be beat at billiards, he spent his entire life hustling people out of their money. He never once realized that it was his mind that made the balls fall into the holes he wanted them in, not his skill with a cue. If he’d ever tried, he’d have found that he could have just as easily pushed the balls into the pockets without even taking a shot.


Yeah. I’ve also got a great aunt, still living by the way, that is a healer, thinks she’s got a gift from god. You wouldn’t want to even mention that she may be, let alone imply that it was even possible that she might be a witch…take my word for it…that would be a bad day, a very bad day.

You said that your father was really good at several different types of magic, what all could he do?

He was a true telepath, he could hear nearly anyone’s thoughts as well as put his own thoughts inside their minds like his dad did. He was also a bit clairvoyant, he could see inside closed containers and see places far away from where he was at. He was real good at finding things people had lost.

Remote viewing?

Yeah. Dad was also a bit of a prophet as well. He got glimpses of the future at times but he didn’t have any control of that, it just happened, mainly in his sleep, prescient dreams. That caused him more grief than anything else, knowing a bad thing was going to happen but not being able to stop it. Another thing that he excelled at was his control of anything electrical; TV’s, Radios, signal lights, hospital equipment, if it had a digital readout on it he could make it display anything he wanted it to.

Well you’ve told me about the rest of your family, what about you, what all can you do?

I’m what comes along occasionally in some magical families, a wizard that is actually endowed with full control of a wide range of magical abilities. But just like everyone else, I too excel at one thing, my specialty, like my great-aunt, is healing.

What can you cure?

Not realizing it, you’ve actually hit the nail on the head. Healing is another ability that is greatly misunderstood. We can CURE only what’s curable, we can’t cure things that are incurable like cancers and such. We only stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. A lot of what we do could be called empathic healing. For example, I can absorb someone else’s pain, take it away from them like a sponge soaking it up, then deal with it inside myself.

Why didn’t you go into medicine or become a doctor?

Healers are the most common type of witches and wizards but ironically almost none of them go into formal medicine because modern medicine isn’t about healing the sick, it’s about making money, which means keeping people sick and selling more drugs…not healing them.

You make it sound as though there’s a really large number of witches and wizards in the world, I would’ve thought it would only be a small percentage of the population.

If you count all of the magical folk that don’t realize what they are along with the ones that do, I’m sure that the number would be quite large, but it’s a really big world and we’d probably still be only a very small percentage, I’d say two percent or less.

Two out of a hundred is…a really big number. If there’s so much of this magic in the world, how do you manage to keep it a secret and why did you agree to this interview?

The answer to both of those questions is really one and the same. All of you Nomags, or at least most of you, simply refuse to believe in all things magical. No matter what happens right in front of your eyes, you’ll always manage to come up with a logical explanation of how it happened as well as a good reason for it. On the other hand, if it’s so outrageous that it cannot be explained away, then it must come from God and man is not meant to understand it anyway. So keeping it a secret is no big deal, most of you refuse to believe no matter how many times your nose is rubbed in it. As far as why I agreed to do the interview, it’s mainly to prove what I just told you. Where ever you publish it at, whoever reads it, it’s not going to make one bit of difference. It will be considered nothing more than a work of fiction, valuable only for what entertainment the readers will be able to derive from it. So although I wish you luck with it and I really do look forward to reading it, don’t expect it to enlighten the world about something they don’t want to know about because it’s not going to happen, sorry.

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