Questions and Answers

Q: What is the target audience for Tianna Logan and the Salem Academy for Witchcraft?
A: Quite simply, almost anyone that counted themselves as a fan of the Harry Potter saga should enjoy this book as well.

Q: Is this book a take-off of the Harry Potter novels?
A: Absolutely not. Although there are similarities between the two, this is a completely new story. One of the main differences is that the main character in my book is an American teenage girl instead of a pre-teen English boy. Both stories center around a school for young witches and wizards that teaches them to master their magical abilities. In the Harry Potter books the entire story takes place in the real world, just hidden from view. In my book most of the action takes place in the magical realm, a world of it’s own that exists just below, or a step above, right next to our plane of existence. Another big difference is that the books about Tianna Logan are all going to be separate, stand alone books even though they do take place in a linear procession. The Harry Potter series is really just one long book divided into seven sections that must be read from start to finish to make any sense.

Q: Are you really giving some of the money you make off of the sales of this book to Kyle Petty’s Victory Junction Gang Camp?
A: Yes. This is my favorite charity, one that I have supported since its opening. I have happily pledged a full ten percent of the royalties generated by the sales of this book to the camp. This camp has touched the lives of more than ten thousand children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses and their families and I am proud to offer this support to the camp.

Q: How long did it take you to write this book?
A: I started putting the book together when I created the first story about the school over twenty years ago, but the actual time that I spent writing and editing it was just under four years.

Q: Did you write this to try and steal the Harry Potter fans?
A: No. When I first began to dream up this tale there were no Harry Potter fans because there was no Harry Potter books and wouldn’t be for another eight years or so.

Q: Are you a Harry Potter fan Yourself?
A: Yes, and JK Rowling has been my greatest inspiration. She gave me reason to hope that I could actually get a book published, for when she got the “Sorcerer’s Stone” published she was an unknown author herself.

Q: How did you get in to writing about witches and wizards?
A: Well, there were two sisters that lived together close to our neighborhood when I was young and impressionable. They were witches, Wicca’s I know now, but at the time, my imagination built them into something much more exciting. I’ve always thought that they were the reason my fantasies always seemed to run towards the magical.